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About AWTA


Welcome to our Country, Kilimanjaro and Mt Meru - a beacon for visitors from around the world.

When you arrive in Tanzania, our team will meet you and look after your well-being during your stay. It will be our pleasure to lead you safely up and down our majestic mountain. Along the way, our team will tell you about our culture, we will share our mountain knowledge, and we will do our very best to ensure that you return home with much more than a climbing certificate. The memories of our trip together will last forever.

We encourage our clients to immerge themselves in the diversities of our local cultures. On the mountain, you will learn about the Maasai, the Meru and Chagga. This aspect truly sets us apart from anyone else on Kilimanjaro. You are not a tourist, you are part of our small family and you will never forget the evenings spent with our mountain team! Our clients all agree on this - just read our testimonials!

Dinner is a jovial occasion as we celebrate a long-day's climb with good food in the comfort of our mess tent. You will enjoy the laughter as our porters and guides poke fun at each other - our chemistry is excellent because we care deeply about our mountain team.

Safety is our personal responsibility. Guides are highly trained through NOLS – National Outdoor Leadership School and WFR Course (Wilderness First Responder). Their level of training is basic navigation skills, basic first aid skills. We are qualified to deal with emergencies and we equip every climb with the most advanced safety equipment on the mountain: First Aid Kits, Cell Phones, walk talk and each Ranger station on the mountain have VHF Radio calls.

AWTA does comply with guidelines of Mount Kilimanjaro Guides Association regarding welfare of guides, porters and cooks.

All guides, cooks & porters use have high experience and have worked with AWTA for many years. Each is very professional and has all the necessary gears for the climb. It is also mandatory for whoever working on the mountain to have all the necessary gears for the climb.
For camping we use the highest quality tents. The mess tents we use are tough canvas tents that resist better the harsh high altitude environments. For Porters, guides and cooks we use pyramid tents made of tough canvas that works like our mess tent.

But more importantly, we take care of our porters where it really counts - on the mountain - where you are the ultimate judge of our efforts. Our clients are very vocal about our team and how well we treat everybody. Please read our client comments here. Our porters are not nameless individuals. They are crucial on the mountain and are an important part of our success.
Food is included and the whole team (guests included) shares the same meal plan (porters have their own cook).

Our guides will not employ porters without proper clothes and accessories. Our very modern and high-quality mountain equipment weigh less, so we can afford to restrict each porter's total load to 40-45lbs (20kg). This load starts to go down after day 1 (as our food supply goes down).

We strongly encourage interaction between the porters and our clients. Each porter has a vital role to play and we expect our guides to introduce the whole team at the start of each Climb. Clients get to know each porter and his duties. We ask our clients to acknowledge the role of each porter and to thank those who perform well during the Climb.

We welcome you to Tanzania to fulfill your dreams either by climbing to Kilimanjaro or Mt. Meru. With AWTA

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